Do you have some questions ?

If so here we have listed and answered the frequently asked questions.

Does a house boat fluctuates and does it make a lot of noises (e.g. burbling of water)? Is it possible that I become seasick?

Our house boat is installed directly with the landing stage and it almost does not move. The weight of 16 tons makes a calm situation possible for which reason you will normally not recognize that you are not ashore. If it is really stormy from northeast and if there are higher waves there is the possibility of slightly up- and downturns. But it is improbable that you become seasick because on a house boat you have a clear view over the horizon and you are not under deck.

The "Xantener North Sea" has normally no higher waves. The weather comes usually from southwest and so our house boat is in the lee of the waterside. The waves move in the direction of the other waterside in northeast. Only if there is a high wind from the seaside it is possible that you hear a slight burbling of water at the hull.

How does the house boat provides water and energy ?

The house boat provides fresh water from the water pipeline (as a normal house as well). Moreover it is connected with the sewage water system and the power supply system.

Are there any security measures ?

In the living room and in both bedrooms there are smoke detectors. Besides there is a fire extinguisher. The kitchen has an induction cooker and no gas cooker. The house boat provides a life buoy and life jackets for 2 children and 4 adults. The doors and windows are protected from burglary by bars which lock the doors and windows at different positions. Moreover there is an alarm system which you can bring into action if you are absent. Furthermore the landing stage is assured by a lockable door. That is why you and your properties are secured optimally at the house boat.

What about sun and shadow ?

Outside you have the possibility to enjoy the sun at the terrace on the roof. But you can also protect yourself from the sun with the big sunshade which is available. The second terrace at the bow provides shadow in the noonday and sun in the morning and evening. But there is an emersed roof why you can also find a shady place.

Inside the rooms are protected from the sun by protective and reflecting glass. Moreover the house boat has a modern heat pump heater which heats in the winter and which works as a an air conditioner in the summer.

Is it possible to live on a house boat with small children?

For small children, who cannot swim, the house boat is NOT suitable! Indeed life jackets are available, but the remaining risk is too high. For all other children, who are able to swim, a holiday on a house boat is an absolute adventure. We would advise that your children have a seahorse swimming award and enough swimming experience to move freely on the house boat. If you are absent it is very important that your children wear life jackets. But finally that is your decision!

Are dogs permitted?

It depends on the dog. Please get in contact with us to clarify if your dog will be accepted.

Is it allowed to smoke inside the house boat?

No, it is forbidden to smoke in the rooms. But you are allowed to smoke on the two terraces.

Is is permitted to have a barbecue on the house boat?

Yes, you can have a barbecue on the two terraces with the electro barbecue grill which is available. A grill with gas or charcoal and any naked flame is forbidden. An exception are candles in suitable candle glasses which are available as well. You can only use one electro grill at once, because the connection power is limitted. You can find barbecue cutlery on the house boat.

Is there the possibility to surf the Internet or watch TV on the house boat?

There is a satellite TV connection and a LED/LCD-TV in the living room. This TV provides all uncoded programmes which you can receive with Astra 19.2E. The most important German and Dutch programmes are listed on the first programme places. Moreover there is a free Internet access via WLAN. The bandwidth is about 2 MBit. That is enough to surf the Internet and to send e-mails, but you will not be in a position to watch films.